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At Cranbrook Cars, we use a specialist piece of machinery to clean your engine, called the Engine Decontamination Machine. Created by EDT Automotive, the Engine Decontamination Machine cleans out your engine using bespoke mineral oil. When it comes to maintaining your car, your engine is one of the most important parts that you need to take care of. During the combustion process that occurs in your engine, many by-products are given off that can get trapped and result in your engine no longer working as well as it should.

With an Engine Decontamination Machine, you can give your engine a good clean and get rid of any of the grime that is building up in its components. The Engine Decontamination Machine uses a unique engineering method to remove all of the sludge from your engine. By pumping an environmentally friendly liquid through the engine, it is given a thorough cleaning. During the cleaning process, a clear container is used to catch the debris, showing you just how effective the Engine Decontamination Machine is at removing the grime from your engine. Once the cleaning process is completed, a new filter is fitted and new oil is added.

There are many advantages to having an Engine Decontamination Machine service completed. First of all, it will improve your engine’s coefficient of friction which means that the new oil that is added will perform to its maximum capabilities. This in turn positively affects your CO emission levels, fuel economy, engine performance and much more! The reduction in emissions caused by cars that have been treated by the Engine Decontamination Machine is, on average, 69% on CO and 58% on diesel smoke.

Our Engine Decontamination Machine can completely clean your engine and all of its components. The process is fully automated and can be completed in 15 minutes, meaning less hassle for you!

For more information on the EDT Automotive Engine Decontamination Machine services that we can offer throughout Cranbrook and the rest of Kent, call us today on 01580715007 or send us a message through our contact page.

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