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EDT Carbon Cleaning Cranbrook

At Cranbrook Cars, we specialise in providing a unique carbon cleaning service for all of our customers in Cranbrook and the rest of Kent. Having your car carbon cleaned is vital to the health of your car as, without it, your engine, cylinders, pistons and more parts of your car will become clogged with the soot that is produced during the combustion process in your engine. If soot is allowed to build up then your engine will no longer function at its optimal level.

Carbon cleaning involves injecting an environmentally friendly liquid into the intake of your engine and out of your exhaust system, helping to remove the excess carbon that causes poor performance issues. The production of carbon (and other deposits such as tars and gums) is a natural by-product of the combustion process. There are several advantages to having your engine carbon cleaned, such as:

Regained Performance

With the buildup of carbon and other deposits during the combustion process, your engine will stop working at its optimum output. Carbon cleaning means that you can restore power to your engine and have it performing at its optimal level.

Improved MPG/Efficiency

The average price of petrol in the UK (at the time of writing) is £1.28 for petrol and £1.34 for diesel and, with rising living costs, this takes a bigger chunk out of your funds every year! By having your engine carbon cleaned, you can improve your vehicle’s efficiency meaning that your car can get more miles-per-gallon with a clean engine.

Reduced Maintenance and Running Costs

By keeping your engine and its components clean, you can reduce wear and tear damage and maximise the life of other parts in your car. It is recommended that you have your engine carbon cleaned approximately every 15,000 miles, especially if you use your vehicle for business purposes, such as taxi drivers or lorry drivers.

Reduced Emissions

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to reduce your vehicle’s emissions. First of all, air pollution is a problem all over the world, especially in countries where there is a high concentration of people and vehicles. By having your engine carbon cleaned, you can reduce your emissions thereby doing your bit to help keep the air around us as clean as possible. Furthermore, if you own an older car then it could fail its MOT if its emissions are too high. Having a carbon clean service completed can help your car to pass its MOT!

For more information on carbon cleaning services that we can offer throughout Cranbrook and the rest of Kent, call us today on 01580715007 or send us a message through our contact page.

EDT Carbon Cleaning Cranbrook

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